Skunky and His Friends


Skunky is different from other forest animals and doesn’t quite fit in. Seeking to find new friends, Skunky tries to include everyone and treat them as he would like to be treated. This heart-warming story reveals how good friends can truly enrich one’s life.


SKU: 9781682934739 Category: Binding: Soft BackDimensions: 6 × 9 × .125 inISBN: 978-1-68293-473-9Author: Sam T. Scaling


Skunky is a friendly little skunk who finds some new friends in the forest where he lives. This is a story about young Skunky, who learns about his forest world making friends very different then himself. Skunky grows up exploring the world with his three friends, having fun and sharing together.

Written by: Sam T Scaling M.D.

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