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Welcome to Endeavor Books

Endeavor Books, a division of Mountain States Lithographing, offers a variety of services. As a publisher, we offer a range of textbooks in the field of aviation for both pilots and maintenance technicians. Our main offering is Aircraft Accident Investigation – 2nd Edition by:  Richard H. Wood and Robert W Sweginnis.

We also publish titles that deal with the basics of writing by John D. Nesbitt.

For lighter reading, we have several trade novels that include westerns by: John D. Nesbitt, a story about early aviation pioneer by: Walt Hawkins, a book detailing the early trains in Wyoming by: Robert A. King.  We have three books that explain basic health care for horses, dogs and cats by Dr. Ruth James, and a beautifully illustrated text entitled Fossil Critters of Wyoming by: Russell J. Hawley.

We now are the official distributor for Sam T. Scaling M.D.’s collection of children’s books.


Now available from Endeavor Books. A Field Guide To The Casper Mountain Area Second Edition

  • Terrence J. Logue Ph.D. (Author)
  • Maria Katherman M.Sc. (Author)
  • Charles Chamberlin (Composer)
  • Lynn Moore Ph.D. (Plant photos) (Contributor)
  • Willard S. Robinson Ph.D. (Insects section and photos) (Contributor)
  • Russell Hawley (Newly added line drawings) (Contributor)
  • Zach Hutchinson & Hayley Lanier Ph.D. (Bird & mammal lists) (Contributor)
  • Maria Katherman (Editor)