Shadows on the Plain


Ryan liked the whole set-up. He enjoyed the idea of spending most of his Christmas vacation this way—sleeping in a bunk next to a wood stove, whiling away the evening in lantern light, living in the midst of saddles and bridles and ropes and spurs. He liked being away from cars and television. His friends would be going to the mall in Cheyenne or playing basketball in the gym, and he hoped they would think he was lucky to make some money at the same time he was off on an adventure.

SKU: 9781892944160 Category: Binding: Soft BackDimensions: 5 × 8 inISBN: 1-892944-16-2 / 9781892944160Author: John D. Nesbitt


A hard crafted fiction set in the contemporary West, by award-winning author John Nesbitt. These stories capture the spirit of people who though it out in a world both modern in its problems and timeless in its landscape. This collection has all the fine features that have won praise for John D. Nesbitt’s earlier novels and short stories. Get your autographed copy today.

“Nesbitt demonstrates himself a skilled wrangler of detail and character.” -Publishers Weekly

“Nesbitt has a nice turn of phrase and creates characters so real, you can hear them talk if you close your eyes.” -Roundup Magazine

“Nesbitt’s spartan prose stings like the wind sweeping across the harsh Wyoming plain.” -The Shootist

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