Adventures of the Ramrod Rider


If you have grown weary of SEX and VIOLENCE, If you feel you have been overdosed with accounts of TAWDRY LUST, POLITICAL CORRUPTION, and BRUTAL MURDERS—

Try a refreshing change. Sip from the cup of comedy, parody, and satire, laced now and then with poetry and song, topped with a dollop of pristine ROMANCE.

Yes, gentle reader, you may fortify yourself against the VILE DEGRADATION and CRUEL INJUSTICES of the modern age by sampling from the medicinal tonic of the Adventures of the Ramrod Rider!

SKU: 9781892944078 Category: Binding: Soft BackDimensions: 5.5 × 8.5 inISBN: 1-892944-07-3 / 9781892944078Author: John D. Nesbitt


Hearkens back to the day of good wholesome entertainment. Do you yearn to wash your face in a mountain stream? Smell the aroma of woodsmoke? Taste of the simple fare that is cooked on a campfire? See the spread of the great Western sky above? Hear the click of a six-gun or the whinny of a horse? Do you believe that fair maidens should be helped or that humble folk should be defended against the schemes of grasping overlords? Would you like to ride the trail of adventure and danger, a trail that is as fresh and real now as it was a hundred years ago? If you answered “yes” to any of the above, then turn the page and hold onto your hat. This refreshing tale by an award-winning writer is autographed and ready for your collection of western stories.

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