Ruth B. James

Dr. Ruth B. James took her pre-veterinary training at the University of Denver and graduated from the College of Veterinary Medicine at the Colorado State University. She replaced veterinarians who were on vacation in five western states for several years before establishing a successful equine practice in Casper, Wyoming. She has emphasized preventive medicine for her clients, preferring to prevent problems rather than to treat them, and has given horse health clinics and seminars for horsemen. She has both judged and competed in competitive trail rides as well as serving as veterinarian for endurance rides. She pilots a Super Cub airplane to make calls to distant ranches and currently divides her time between Arizona in the winter and Wyoming in the summer. Her other interests include hiking and backpacking, tracking and big game hunting, jogging, riding cutting and trail horses, aikido (a martial art somewhat resembling judo) and travel.

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