Aviation Safety – More Than Common Sense – 2nd Edition Rev. A


A composite of historical observations, government documents, personal experience, manufacturer's recommendations, accident statistics, and common sense. It is a book with a historical perspective, current trends, practical advice and usable checklists and procedures. Case studies of accidents and incidents have been selected to illustrate events which affected or changed the direction of safety. This work is designed to enhance the safety management instruction of future chief pilots, airport managers, consultants and CEOs in the aviation profession.

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AVIATION SAFETY: More Than Common Sense (Second Edition) is a synthesis of Dr. Villaire’s diverse background, education and experience blended with the knowledge and safety management expertise of many internationally known safety experts and authors. It is an updated textbook of his original aviation safety publication and contains new safety findings, systems and methods. It attempts to attack the root causes of accidents and provides useful solutions to some of today’s safety management problems. The accidents illustrated are classic events that have changed the aviation profession, safety directives and processes.

Dr. Villaire has borrowed from Aviation Law’s case study methods and combined them with his unique, rhetorical question format to produce a new, provocative and thoughtful approach to the study of aviation safety. His internationally recognized publication format is very easy to follow and enhances student assimilation of information.

Dr. Nathaniel E. Villaire is a Professor of Aeronautics and holds a senior faculty position in the College of Aeronautics at The Florida Institute Of Technology (Florida Tech) in Melbourne, Florida where he teaches Aviation Safety, Aviation Physiology, National Airspace System Management and Air Traffic Control.

He holds a BS degree from The University of Georgia, a MPA from Golden Gate University and both an Ed.S and Doctorate from the College of William & Mary in Virginia. In addition, he is a senior pilot with extensive flight experience in multi-engine jet, single engine jet, and light jet commuter aircraft. He is an aviation physiologist with certifications in both hypobaric and hyperbaric chamber operations. His flight experience includes captain qualification in multi-engine intercontinental transports, instructor pilot in executive transport jets and instrument instructor in both executive and single-engine jets. He has held numerous air traffic control (ATC) positions and is a fully FAA-certified air traffic controller with IFR Tower, VFR Tower, RFC and Terminal Radar endorsements.

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